What should I consider when buying an LED Strip ?

DATE:2016-10-06 21:08

LED strips make a great addition to any domestic or commercial environment. They can change the mood and look of a space instantly and are very energy efficient. The possibilities are endless so the requirement for each lighting project will be different. It is worth taking some time to plan your project for the desired effect before removing the backing tape on the LED strip.  You also need to consider if the LED strip will in temporary contact with water.
The specification, length, mounting position and distance from an object determines the appearance of a lit LED strip. You will also need to consider the placement, protection and concealment; of the 12V LED driver and wires, and the power switch to turn the LED strip ON and OFF.
We recommend that you test the strip by temporarily holding the LED strip in place by using a suitable tape, such as masking tape. Safely connect the power supply - you can then carefully move the strip to try different angles and positions to gain the desired illumination effect and position. Check for light spots, reflections and shadows.
Please consider the surface you are applying the LED strip to; the surface should be stable, clean and smooth. On removal of a fixed LED strip - damage to paint, wallpaper or other substrates may occur. Take care in measuring the length required before cutting the strip, take into account the space required for the connector.
You may also need to use a spirit level, plumb line or other guide