What type of LED driver should I use with LED Strips?

DATE:2016-10-06 21:07


Do NOT connect the LED strip directly to the mains power supply - A LED driver must be installed.

TIASC LED Drivers have been designed to compliment our TIASC LED strips

TIASC LED strips operate with a 12V direct current constant-voltage power supply known as a LED driver. (Avoid using a constant-current driver)  Drivers are sold separately and are available in varying wattage outputs. The specification of the driver required will depend on the total power requirement of the connected strip(s). 

The power output of the driver (wattage rating) must be at least 10% higher than the total required wattage of the strip(s) being powered. For example, if you are installing 5 LED strips of 1M each and the power requirement of each 1M strip is 3W/metre – the total power requirement is 15W. The power rating of the driver should be a least 10% above 15W i.e. A minimum of 17W.  In this case our TIASC 20W LED Driver would be the ideal choice.  The "related" product on the product page will specify the correct LED driver for a particular LED strip's total length. (if you are using only part of a LED strip a lower powered LED driver may be applicable)


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